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Refrigerator & Washing Machine Stand

Specifications / Features

  • Material used - Mild steel
  • Different types of Fridge stand & Washing M/c stand are manufactured with different designs & sizes as per requirement.
  • Best quality sheetmetal and square tubes are used to get better strength.
  • Best welding quality to increase strength & life of product.
  • Best quality powder coating for better aesthetics.

Manufacturing process

Refrigerator / Washing machine trolley stand is manufactured either by using sheet metal or by using square tubes.

After fabrication is completed, the material undergoes powder coating process which gives us final and finished Refrigerator / Washing machine stand.


Refrigerator / Washing machine Trolley Stand is used to keep our Refrigerators and washing machines safe and increase its durability. Use of castor wheel in Refrigerator Trolley stand allows easy movement of refrigerator and washing machines at any place as per our requirement. Hence every where we can use this stands for the safety of refrigerators and washing machines.

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