Air Conditioner Mounting Brackets Manufacturer / Supplier

Air Conditioner Mounting Bracket is used for mounting of air conditioner outdoor unit on any wall. Today we find AC at every corners of every cities, so AC bracket has its wide applications at all places.

Manufacturing process:

High strength sheet metal is used for manufacturing of Air Conditioner Mounting Bracket which involves following stages of process.

• Blank size cutting – First of all, blank size cutting of AC bracket parts are done using punch die on power press. There are 2 side brackets LH and RH and 2 mounting brackets to form a complete set of AC bracket.
• Slot / Hole punching – Next process is punching of slot and hole in the brackets required for mounting of AC outdoor unit.
• Bending – After punching, bending of all the brackets are done on power press.
• Embossing – This process is done on LH and RH brackets to give better aesthetics.
• Powder Coating - Powder coating is the last process in manufacturing of Air Conditioner Mounting Bracket which is done after cleaning the job with suitable chemical so that no dust is present on its surface which ensures a smooth finish of powder coating.
• Packing – Now bracket is ready which is packed in proper packing with required fasteners and then it becomes ready to be dispatched