School Furniture Manufacturer / Supplier

We manufacture school furniture like school benches, office tables etc. which are used in schools and in offices.

Manufacturing Process:
Manufacturing of school furniture is done by using MS tubes or pipes and plywood or MDF sheets as raw materials. Process involves following stages.

Cutting and Deburring - Cutting and Deburring of Tubes and pipes are done.
Fabrication - After cutting and deburring operation the material undergoes fabrication process where welding of different parts are done to form the frame of the table or school bench. Grinding operations are done to get smooth finish at welding area.
Powder Coating - Now the powder coating of fabricated frame is done to protect it from rust and giving a better aesthetics which involves cleaning the job with suitable chemical so that no dust is present on its surface which ensures a smooth finish of powder coating
MDF / Plywood Fitting - Once the Frame of school bench or table becomes ready, the carpenter fits the MDF sheet or plywood on the top of Frame to make it finally finished product.

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