Refrigerator / Washing Machine Trolley Stand Manufacturer and Supplier

Refrigerator / Washing machine Trolley Stand is used to keep our Refrigerators and washing machines safe and increase its durability. Use of castor wheel in Refrigerator Trolley stand allows easy movement of refrigerator and washing machines at any place as per our requirement. Hence every where we can use this stands for the safety of refrigerators and washing machines.

Manufacturing process :

Refrigerator / Washing machine trolley stand is manufactured either by using sheet metal or by using square tubes.

Using Sheet metal:
In manufacturing of refrigerator / washing machine trolley stand by using sheet metal, cutting and bending of sheet metal is done on power press machine. Along with body parts some brackets are also made and after all parts and brackets are ready they are required to be assembled with the help of CO2 welding in fabrication area.
Using Square Tubes:
Refrigerator / Washing machine Trolley stand manufactured using square tubes requires first cutting of tubes of two different cross section sizes. After cutting of tubes are done they are required to be joined or assembled by welding process in fabrication area. Brackets for fitting castor wheel is also made and welded to the body. The final product made is adjustable in size for using it for any size of Fride or Washing Machines.
 After fabrication is completed, the material undergoes powder coating process which gives us final and finished Refrigerator / Washing machine stand.