CPU Trolleys Manufacturer / Supplier

CPU Trolley is used to keep CPU of a computer, so that with help of CPU trolley it can be easily moved from one place to another and can be fixed at any place as per our comfort. It has wide applications in different areas like offices, schools, other educational institutes, IT companies, homes etc.

Manufacturing process:

CPU Trolley is manufactured using a high grade raw material like MS sheet metal of 0.8 thickness which ensures high durability at user end. CPU Trolley manufacturing process involves:

Blank size cutting – For manufacturing a CPU Trolley of high quality, high strength sheet metal is used for blank size cutting. CPU Trolley consists of three parts i.e. side supports LH and RH(1 nos each) and base (1 nos). Blank size cutting of all three parts are done on power press.
Corner cutting – After getting blank size, corner cutting of all parts of CPU Trolley is done to remove sharp corners by giving fillet at corners.
Bending – After corner cutting is done, side supports of CPU Trolley are need to be bent as per its required bending size.
Embossing – Embossing of base of CPU Trolley is now done to raise its height at its centre by small value for easy mounting and unmounting of CPU.
Powder Coating – Now the powder coating of CPU Trolley is done to protect it from rust and giving a better aesthetics which involves cleaning the job with suitable chemical so that no dust is present on its surface which ensures a smooth finish of
powder coating.
Packing – At last, packing of CPU Trolley parts is done with its required fasteners and castor wheels after which the material is ready for supply.