MCB Box / Junction Box Manufacturer and Supplier

MCB box or Junction box is used as a housing for MCB, other circuit breakers or any junction of electrical lines. Therefore, it provides security and avoid risk of any danger. It can be widely used at almost every places like home, societies, offices, industries, stores etc to provide safety of everyone by preventing risk of any danger.

Manufacturing process :

MCB Box / Junction Box is manufactured from a good quality mild steel sheet metal. Its manufacturing process involves

Blank size cutting and Bending - Cutting of blank size and bending as per required size is done using cutting and bending dies on power press machines.
Fabrication - After bending is done, MCB box undergoes fabrication process for welding and grinding for getting smooth finish of the product.
Powder Coating - Now the powder coating of MCB box / Junction box is done to protect it from rust and giving a better aesthetics which involves cleaning the job with
suitable chemical so that no dust is present on its surface which ensures a smooth finish of powder coating
Packing - Packing of finished product is done along with necessary fasteners before dispatch.