Hands Free Foot Operated Hand Sanitization Stand Manufacturer / Supplier

Hands Free Sanitizer Dispenser Stand is a foot operated sanitizer stand which is used to sanitize our hand without touching the sanitizer with hand. This sanitizer dispenser stand can be used at most of the places like hospitals, clinics, shops, offices, banks, societies etc.

Manufacturing process:

Manufacturing of Hands Free Sanitizer Dispenser Stand done by using good quality steel tubes and pipes and sheetmetals which goes through following processes.

• Cutting - Cutting of tubes and pipes are done as per required sizes. Blank sizes of different brackets of sheetmetal are made by using power press machine.
• Deburring - After cutting, burrs at the cutting edges are removed.
• Fabrication - Now all cut parts under goes fabrication process where all parts are joined by CO2 welding. After welding process, grinding is done to give proper finish at the welded area.
• Powder Coating - Powder coating is the last process in manufacturing of sanitizer dispenser stand which is done after cleaning the job with suitable chemical so that no dust is present on its surface which ensures a smooth finish of powder coating.

Pedal operated sanitizer dispenser
Foot Operated Hand Sanitization Stand
Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer Stand