Hangers and Hooks Manufacturer / Supplier

Hangers or Hooks are used to hang clothes, keys, and many other items which are used frequently in our day to day life. Hangers or Hooks ensures the quick access to the items. Hence it can be used at many places from a simple home to a big industries or malls etc.

Manufacturing Process:
Hangers or Hooks are manufactured by using raw materials like mild steel, stainless steel as per requirement. Its manufacturing process involves following operations.

• Raw material cutting – Cutting of raw material is the first step in manufacturing of Hangers or hooks. Raw material can be a plate or a rod as per demand.
• Fabrication – After cutting of raw materials as per required size, it undergoes fabrication process which involves welding and grinding.
• Buffing – In case raw material used is stainless steel, buffing and polishing operation is done to give smooth finish and shining to the material.
• Powder Coating – For mild steel raw material, powder coating is done to give the hangers a good appearance and protect it from rust which increases its durability.